Kettlebell Workouts

Almost everyone can benefit from kettle bell training. Only a few of the advantages: more coordination and agility, better posture, more efficiency in other controls, more strength and endurance - helpful for many sports.

1. Arnold press

2. Around the body pass

3. Bottoms up clean from hang positon

4. Deadlift

5. Figure 8

6. Goblet squat

7. Half get up

8. Military press

9. One arm bent over row

10. One Arm Clean

11. One arm clean and jerk

12. One arm overhead squat

13. Push press

14. Seated shoulder press

15. Single arm floor press

16. Single arm front squat

17. Snatch pull and push press

18. Split squat kettlebell pass

19. Sumo high pull

20. Swing

21. Windmill