Meditation 5 minute Classes

With meditation you feel better. The exercises ensure a healthy body and mind. Dorinda Farver, yoga and meditation teacher, will tell you all about chakras, meditation basics, breathing techniques, body-scans and partner meditation.

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1. First Chakra

2. Second Chakra

3. Third Chakra

4. Fourth Chakra

5. Fifth Chakra

6. Sixth Chakra

7. Seventh Chakra

Breathing Techniques

8. Alternative Nostril Breathing

9. Breathing Up Down Spine

10. One Minute Breath

11. Various Breathing Techniques

Meditation Basics

12. Attention Center Brain

13. Grounding Visualization

14. Guide Into Nature

15. Humming Bee Meditation

16. Mudra Explanation

17. Sitasana Sitting Comfortable

Body Scan

18. Body Scan Left Right

19. Body Scan Yoga Sleep

Partner Meditation

20. Partner Meditation

21. Partner Yoga Back To Back