About HomefitTV

We from HomefitTV believe that most of us prefer to do our workouts in the comfort of their own home. Now, thanks to HomefitTV you don't have to leave the house to do your favourite workout! You can watch all our videos on mobile, tablet or smartTV, whenever and wherever you want!

We offer videos from beginner to expert level. All our classes are given by professionals and all you have to do, if follow their instructions. Whether it's just 2 exercises, or several complete workouts, it's all up to you.

Again all the advantages summed up:

  • Unlimited workouts
  • No equipment needed
  • You decide how much you train
  • At your own level
  • No need for a gym
  • When- and wherever you want

Hatha Yoga, Yoga Classes and Meditation

Pilates Workouts and Poses

Kettlebell and Fitness Workouts

Kickboxing and TotalBodyFit Workouts

HomefitTV, no excuses!