Yoga 5 minute Classes

The yoga experts from Yoga-Site give you a deeper insight about the spiritual influence of yoga on the human body. In short, a very complete product of high quality for everyone that wants to practice yoga.

In cooperation with:

1. Standing Balance Poses

2. First Sun Greeting Tips And Variations

3. Second Sun Greeting Tips And Variations

4. Sun Greeting C And Lunges

5. Forward Bends

6. Side Balances

7. Pigeon Pose And Variations

8. Ankles And Feet

9. Sitting Balance Poses

10. Side Stretches

11. Creating A Long Strong Belly

12. Twisting For Detox Keeping Length In Spine

13. Heart Openers

14. Stabilizing Your Knees

15. Creating Flexibility On The Spine

16. Shoulder And Heart Openers

17. Taking Care Of Your Lower Back

18. Neck And Shoulders

19. Wrists And Hands

20. Creating Strong Arms