Privacy Policy

Article 1. Introduction

  1. Qzink B.V. deals responsibly with the information of its visitors. Qzink B.V. will carefully protect and process this information.

Article 2. Personal information

  1. Qzink B.V. comes into possession of your phone number when you use the service. Your phone number will be stored in relation to administrative handling of payments
  2. Qzink B.V. uses your personal information in the first place to be able to offer the service. Furthermore Qzink B.V. uses your phone number to keep you informed of own products, similar products and / or services of Qzink B.V. and / or third parties if you granted Qzink B.V. to do so. Qzink B.V. will try to take your preferences into account.

Article 3. Cookies

  1. Qzink B.V. uses in the provision of its electronic services "cookies". A cookie is a file that is saved on the hard disk of the computer. Cookies are used for functionality on the website and for ease of use. Cookies cannot damage the terminal or files that are on the end device. Qzink B.V. uses a cookie with your mobile phone number on the device when you login or using the service.

Article 4. Disclosure to third parties

  1. Qzink B.V. will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties without your consent
  2. Qzink B.V. may transfer your data to third parties if i) it is necessary to provide the service to you ii) it is legally obliged to do so, iii) in the case of disputes and litigation iiii) it is necessary to protect its own rights

Article 5. Duration

  1. Qzink B.V. stores your personal data no longer than is required for the realization of the purposes for which they were collected. Qzink B.V. will retain the data at least two years to be able to demonstrate that there has been a subscription

Article 6. Your rights

  1. Qzink B.V. wants to be clear on how it handles the personal information of the visitor. This privacy policy wants to make a contribution to that. However, if you have questions about how Qzink B.V. deals with your personal data, please send a message to [email protected]
  2. You can also send a message to the above address if you want to know what information about you is stored or if you want to delete your data.

Article 7. Modify

  1. Qzink B.V. reserves the right to make changes to this statement. Check regularly that statement.

Note: The Privacy Policy is additional to the General Terms and Conditions.