On HomefitTV you can find the best fitness exercises for your workout at home. All workout videos presented by professional trainers are presented in detail and with proper execution and technique. Would you like to have a flat stomach, tight butt and slender legs? No problem, with these exercises you’re one step closer to your goal. Some of the exercises are quite challenging, especially for beginners. Just increase or decrease the number of repetitions that suite your fitness level.

All Fitness Workouts

1) Low impact beginner cardio
No jumping quiet cardio workout

Seperate Exercises

March in Place & Extensions

Slow Butt Kicker & Press

Lateral Steps & Rows

High Knee Pulls

Step Throughs

Push Up & Extension

2) Tank top arms workout
Arms, chest, back and shoulders

Seperate Exercises

Toning trio; arms, shoulders & upper back

Bicep curls & 2 hooks

Reverse fly pulses

Chest squeeze & overhead press combo

Windmills & tricep extensions

Arm circles

Single arm flys right

Single arm flys left

3) Bust booster chest workout
Breast lifting exercises

Seperate Exercises

Round about push ups

Standing chest press & pulls

Triceps dips (single leg)

Bent over ventral raise & squeezes

Tip toe planks

Diagonal ventral raises left

Diagonal ventral raises right

Plank push ups

4) Crunch free abs workout

Seperate Exercises

Double chop knee pulls

Torso twist jabs

Standing toe touches

4 twist knee ups

Crossover toe touches

Side squat & knee & side squat

Slow-mo rotations

Tap jacks

Side bends

5) 10 min abs workout
At home abdominal and oblique exercises

Seperate Exercises

Flutter Kicks

Rotation Reach Crunch

Pilates Side Hip Raise (left)

Pilates Side Hip Raise (right)

Russian Twist

Toe Touch

Pilates Leg Pulls (facing down)

Pilates Leg Pulls (facing up)

Pilates toe Taps

Knee Tuck Crunches

6) Cardio infused standing abs

Seperate Exercises

Ceiling Circles

High Knee Jacks

Single Leg Running Man Kicks

Standing Oblique Crunches

Boxer Leans

2 Knee Double Kicks

2 Side Reaches & Corkscrew Toe Touches

Standing Crisscross Crunch

7) Lower back stretches for sciatica pain

Seperate Exercises

Deep Glute Stretch

Prone Torso Twist

Shell Stretch

Cobra Stretch

Seated Torso Twist (left)

Seated Torso Twist (right)

Seated Crossover Hamstring Stretch (left)

Seated Crossover Hamstring Stretch (right)

Standing Toe Touch

Cat cow stretch

8) Toning lower back workout
Routine best lower back exercises at home

Seperate Exercises

Pilates Breast Stroke


Windmill Toe Touches

Straight Leg Dead Lifts

Rotational Toe Touches

Back Bows

Bird Dogs

Cobra to Child's Pose

9) 5 minute butt and thigh workout
Butt lifting, thigh toning workout

Seperate Exercises

Kneeling Rear Leg Raises

45° Lifts


Squat Pulses


10) Little black dress boot camp workout
Total body sculpting routine

Seperate Exercises

Pulsing Reverse Lunge & Lifts

Downward Dog Lifts & Pike Push Ups

Pendulum Squats

Crab Kick Bridge & Tricep Dips

3 Jacks & Walkdown Push Ups

Squats & Pulses

Plank Touchdowns

11) Fast 5 minute cool down and stretching workout
Workout for busy people

Seperate Exercises

Jog In Place


Torso Twist

Shoulder Rolls

Arm Pull and Hip Flexor Stretch

Wall Shoulder Stretch

Wall Chest Stretch

Wide Toe Touch Stretch

Bent Over Quadricep Stretch

Standing Glute Stretch

Inside Thigh and Over Head Tricep Stretch

12) Light cardio and stretching cool down workout

Seperate Exercises

Torso Twists

Rocking Side Kicks

Rocking Butt Kickers & Ventral Pulls

Arm Crossover Swings & Lateral Steps

Standing Quadriceps

Leaning Hamstring

Rocking Inside Thigh

Wall Chest Stretch

Arm Pull